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Tales From Pussy Willow started out as a web series as a way for animation director Kate Jessop to test out new script ideas and explore live action/animation techniques. A collaboration between friends it was all done on no budget and a lot of love and laughs. Two seasons were originally produced and as the accolades started pouring in it was selected for the Berlinale Talent Lab in 2019 for development in the project lab, along with Kate Jessop selected as writer-director talent. This formed the foundation for it to start it's development journey into long form 20 minute episodes.

The series adds to the traditional northern story teller voice of truth telling seen before in Caroline Aherne and Simon Armitage, and uses comedy as a form of cultural commentary.

It sits between the adult animation and satirical sketch comedy genres as a take on modern Britain, with a twist of absurdity and Dada surrealism.


“A powerful, witty and relevant statement on what it means to be a woman today.”

London Short Film Festival

"Kate has an amazing ear for dialogue & brilliant comic sensibility. The result is the distorted parallel reality of Pussy Willow, where she satirises arrogance and pretentiousness as well as tackling subjects that many might see as taboo. Hilarious and thought provoking." 


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